Account Security Lockdown

Account Security Lockdown

Let me share a story with you…

A few years ago – I was enjoying my evening off from work, sitting at the computer, watching a movie.

I was enjoying the movie, minding my own business, when all of a sudden my smart phone received a notification.

Apparently there was an issue connecting to my email (gmail) account, and I needed to reconfirm my credentials.

Account security lockdownNow, I’ve had this happen before, so I just went about entering my details again. Not even thinking twice about it.

My phone returned the following: “Error: Invalid Username or Password. Please try again.”

That was when I realized something terrible. But first, I needed to confirm my suspicions.

I quickly shuffled to my Gmail account in the browser on my computer. I was absolutely frantic beyond words.

Before I continue, let me reveal some shocking statistics to you about the situation I’m going to describe:

  • 99% of computers are vulnerable to cyber attacks.
  • Attackers often have more than 200 days before being discovered.
  • More than half of funds stolen through cyber crime will never be recovered.

Anyway, back to my story… I had to confirm my suspicions (that I was hacked), and so I went to refresh my email account on my computer and I discovered that I had been logged out. I attempted to log in again and I got the dreaded “invalid password” message.

That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks. My mouth was dry, I was sweating, I was in full out panic mode.

My email account had been compromised.

I was, to put it lightly, screwed.

However, I had already put into place security measures in case this happened. There was an even bigger issue that I was about to unfold.

Account Security LockdownThe person that compromised my account and gained access, had already made quick work of my back up account. That’s when it dawned on me that this person was really good at doing what they were doing.

I was extremely unlucky up until this point. But there was still hope in recovering my email account, and protecting any further damage.

You see, a lot of my important financial accounts were linked to my e-mail account. THAT specific e-mail account. I was in a really bad position.

I worked quickly through the night to secure different accounts like PayPal, banks, credit companies, and other accounts which contained person information. My luck had turned in terms of securing my secondary and financial accounts. Or most of them.

All the while, I gave recovering one of my secondary accounts a shot. I had remembered a specific detail that Google was asking me for in order to gain access to the account.

That was it. I was beyond relieved about what had just happened in light of the negative aspect of all of it.

I had broken through to one of my secondary accounts, one that STILL had A LOT of power. One that could help me iron out the mess that this “hacker” created for me.

I ended up securing the secondary account, my financial accounts, and a few other important things.

Unfortunately, I had already lost A LOT of other accounts and some personal data that was stored in my main email account and associated accounts that were compromised.

Because of this, I had to spend a lot of time recovering certain information and contacting customer support for tons of accounts.

It was a gigantic mess that took me weeks, even months until things were back on track.

What you need to realize is that this can happen to ANYBODY.
You never know who is out there that could gain access to your information.

There are database leaks all the time, and what if one of them happens to contain pertinent account information related to you?

Account Security LockdownAfter this incident, I spent A LOT of extra time securing future accounts and planning out measure to prevent this from ever happening again.

I managed to come up with an entire system interjected with my own experiences and even received input from top security officials from various companies and organizations.

It was beyond important to me to prevent this from happening to myself or anybody close to me.

I will tell you that it has NEVER happened again since then, but there have been attempts.

Now that I’ve shared my story with you, let me present you with a few recent up-to-date astonishing statistics about account security:

  • Email Malware Creation is up 26% Year Over Year, with 317 Million New Pieces of Malware Created in 2014
  • Cyber security incidents have SURGED 38% since 2014 alone
  • 600,000+ Facebook accounts ALONE are compromised every single day
  • Malicious cyber attacks cost about $300 Billion dollars to $1 Trillion dollars a year!
  • Data breaches average $154 per record, while the average cost per data breach has reached $3.79 Million.
  • Approximately 68% of funds lost as a result of a cyber attack are declared unrecoverable
  • As such by the above statistic, Cybercrime itself has a rated 1,425% ROI overall

The reality of the world today is that more people now are connected digitally and run the massive risk of having any of their account(s) compromised at really any moment.

But, this doesn’t have to happen to you or ANYBODY at all. What you really need to do is get your hands on something you can read through, implement, and put your mind at ease.

Once I had my mishap, I looked into online account security extensively and learned as much as I possibly could.

That was when I realized that I had spent all of this time and put forth all of this effort, and I inadvertently developed an entire easy to follow system. A system crammed full of all sorts of materials, forming a huge package that I could share.

Account Security LockdownWith all of that in mind, it’s time for you to get your hands on the very same e-book and security improvement methods that I compiled for this very situation.

If you have any accounts online, and I’m assuming you do. If you have any sort of personal or financial information available on the Internet, you could be just as much at risk as anybody else.

You can now take this guide, read through it, put everything into action, and most importantly: prevent security issues and threats from ever occurring to you now or in the future.

At this point, you’re probably ready to see exactly what’s laid out in this entire package and you’re probably wondering how you can better secure your accounts.

So, to get past all of the drivel and talking, it’s time to present you the BE ALL END ALL beacon of online account security

Account security lockdown



Account Security Lockdown

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